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Pagebuilder not working in responsive


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    Alejandra started the conversation

    We have 2 Magento 2.1.3 installations working with this extension and both of them are not working in responsive. 

    Owl carousel just go maximized in a 1000% in every resolution under 750px.

    It is awful and it is get getting us in real trouble with our Project. 

    We reportes this in detalle since last week and had no response. 

    We are very dissappointed. 

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    Land of replied

    Hello Mate,

    Have a nice day!

    The problem I checked in your site because the page wrapper have wrong css code, it did not wrap all elements in main content. I just tried to add some css code of Luma theme in the custom css settings for each page builder profile. Now you can see the page is responsive normally.


    The custom css code is:

    .columns {     

       display: block !important; 

    .page-main-fluid {     

       overflow: hidden; 


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    Alejandra replied

    Thank you!! :)

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    Land of replied

    You are welcome. Feel free submit ticket when you need help. I close this ticket